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Auto Makar, s.r.o.

Sale, purchase, import, and financing of new and used construction machinery, trucks and commercial vehicles, trailers, semitrailers and specials. Car building, metallurgical and machinery vibration Bomag, CAT. Demolition, recycling and excess transportation.

Stará Ovčárna 2146, Sokolov

Patrik Beránek, autobazar

Second Hand Skoda - buyout offer in cash and used cars Škoda.Prodej lease and loan. Arrange and carry liability leaseback - purchases.

Citická , P.O.Box 51, Sokolov

Auto Brožovský, s.r.o.

Sales and service of Toyota, Lexus, Fiat, Subaru. Hatchback checked used cars of all brands. We run a trucking including mobile cranes. The EU offer Car - individual imports of selected vehicles. We provide rental service of Alfa Romeo.

Stará ovčárna , Sokolov

Auto Moto Příplata, s.r.o.

Spare parts and accessories for cars and commercial vehicles. Companies represented Autocora, APM Automotive, Gene, Cempol. We are an authorized regional reseller and service of motorcycles YUKI.

Pionýrů 1293, Sokolov


Ecological destruction of passenger cars and trucks wrecked cars, tractors, trailers, trailers, buses and tanks. Operation of car cemetery, sell used spare parts for cars and trucks.

Kraslická 77, Lomnice


Skoda cars sale offers the type of Octavia, Fabia, Superb and Roomster. Bazaar and advertising for used cars on our website. Tuning RS, spare parts and accessories. Tyres, servicing, MOT, insurance, leasing and insurance. We have new cars and nehavarované.

Karlovarská 140, Chodov

Alfiwest group, a.s.

Sales of oil, grease, chemistry, and car care tribotechnics.

Chebská 53, Dolní Rychnov

Invest Trust, s.r.o.

Operation after warranty service DAF trucks and diagnostics (DAVIE). Sales of original spare parts. We also provide installation of GPS and hands-free, control and preparation for MOT. Towing and Recovery Service. Advice on insurance claims.

Bergmannova 391, Dolní Rychnov

AKUBA - PRO, s.r.o.

Offer parts and accessories of motor vehicles.

Bergmannova 391, Dolní Rychnov

Eva Sedláková-prodej náhradních dílů a autodoplňků

Offer spare parts for cars.

5. května 209, Kraslice

Čtyřkolky Krček

Supply and service ATVs ACCESS engine. Test drive, spare parts, servicing and advice. Quadricycles are distributed throughout the Republic and also allows installment sales. Sell and jackets, trousers, boots and gloves brand GPI.

Bergmannova 529, Dolní Rychnov

Skribek, spol. s r.o.

Operation autočalounických works with private and public transport vehicles, and renovating and veterans.


Ivan Drofa,, autobazar

Offer used cars.

Chebská 25, Dolní Rychnov

VADU PLUS, spol. s r.o.

Full service operation in the field starting with industrial and station batteries. Service handling and charging techniques.

Dobrovského 1936, Dolní Rychnov

Auto Drásta, s.r.o.

Supply and servicing of Peugeot cars. Spare parts and accessories.

Dobrovského 406, Dolní Rychnov

Rudolf Petrlík- Autobazar

Sales of used cars.

Husova 988, Chodov

Stanislav Pavlíček, - bazary osobních automobilů

Offer to purchase cars and taking cars to the commission. Towing service vehicles.


Tomasz Raczynski - Carpartex

Sales of spare parts for automobiles.

Revoluční 247/15, Loket

Zdeněk Jirkůprodej náhradních dílů a autodoplňků

Offer spare parts for cars.

Revoluční 247/15, Loket

František Kopko - Safran

Offer regularly updated offers car bazaar Safran. Each vehicle photos.

Kraslická 245, Svatava

Prejza Tomáš ZIPSY

Zips, zips lock with alarm, guards, knee and elbow, páteřák, hood, license plate pads, corrective set of tires, Antipas, chains, gloves, belts, scarves, clot...

Ústí nad Labem

Petr Beck, - bazar osobních automobilů

Buying and selling used cars and import cars to order.

B. Smetany 1749, Kraslice

Roman Grůber, autodoplňky

Sales of original spare parts and exhausts pohliníkovaných to cars.

Dukelská 948/23, Kraslice

Milan Novotný, autobazar

Services related to the sale of passenger and commercial vehicles. Sales of cars on hire or lease, individual import cars from abroad.

Pod nádražím 1834, Kraslice

HZ car Autobazar

Second Hand - We provide consignment sale, lease, loan and insurance. Car trailer 750 kg and 2500 kg for an individual import vehicles to order. Has offices DAS legal protection.

Vítězná 2054, Sokolov


Bazaar specializes in used cars for Skoda (Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Felicia). We offer purchase and sale and trade-ins. There is also the possibility of a finance lease or loan. Sale of car accessories.

Slovenská 2075, Sokolov

Auto Donth, s.r.o.

Offer spare parts for cars and commercial vehicles.

Kraslická 2130, Sokolov

JM - CAR - PARTS, s.r.o.

Offer spare parts, tuning accessories and lubricants.

Zámecká 249, Staré Sedlo

Millerengineering, s.r.o.

Car and accessories.

Stará ovčárna 46, Sokolov

Roman Kocián, , autobazar

Offer used cars and commercial vehicles. Mediation leasing and insurance. Trade-in option.

Na Valech 291, Staré Sedlo

Roman Bock, autobazar

Offer buying, selling and brokering sales of motor vehicles.

Stará Ovčárna 2146, Sokolov

Radek Kopko, autobazar

Operation bazaar.

Chebská 53, Sokolov

Alfiwest, s.r.o.

The oil and lubricants, car cosmetics and chemistry.

Slovenská 2068, Sokolov

Václav Valečka, instalace homologovaných autofólií

Offer installation homologated automotive films.

Stará Ovčárna 2146, Sokolov

Radek Matěcha - Asec

Offer sales, installation and servicing of electronic and mechanical security systems for buildings and automobiles.

Josefa Kajetána Tyla 856, Sokolov

Jiří Burian- prodej náhradních dílů a autodoplňků

Offer spare parts for cars and trucks.

Slovenská 1779, Sokolov

Petr Oswald- prodej ojetých vozů

Offer used cars.


Filip Kůs- prodej náhradních dílů a autodoplňků

Supply and purchase of spare parts for foreign vehicles.

Okružní , Habartov

Jan Peršín , autobazar

Buying and selling used cars. Imports of cars to order.

Hradební 1826, Kraslice


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