Sales of construction


Lias Vintířov, lehký stavební materiál, k.s.

Lightweight ceramic aggregate (Claydite). We manufacture lightweight concrete (of ready and prefabricated unit), Mason thermoacoustic systems, including translations and ceiling construction, paving, road construction and elements of garden architecture.


Hilzinger okna + dveře, spol. s r.o.

Supply and installation of plastic windows and doors, shutters, blinds, window sills and mosquito nets.

B. Smetany 749/27, Kraslice


Manufacture and assembly of plastic windows, conservatories, doors, shutters. We arrive, advise, we will focus. 5 years warranty. Free Shipping. On windows offer bonuses, loans, installment.

Rooseweltova 2019, Sokolov

Variowin, s.r.o.

Plastic windows and plastic dveře.Poskytujeme 6-chamber profile GEALAN, Maco fittings and aluminum door. Plastic and aluminum windows, doors, conservatories, g...

Boženy Němcové 1766, Sokolov

Q - Complet, s.r.o.

Sales and installation of plastic, wood and aluminum windows, doors, gate Hörmann. Perform balcony glazing and balconies. Arrange transportation, dismantling, disposal of old windows, installation of new and masonry work. Furthermore, shutters, blinds and window sills.

Lipová 2038, Sokolov

Dachdecker, spol. s r.o.

We offer roofing (BRAMAC, KM BETA TONDACH, ERLUS etc.), belts for flat roofs, insulation and accessories for roofers. Gutter systems, roof windows, thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, work clothes, tools and equipment.

Dobrovského 1936, Dolní Rychnov

Oldřich Červenka- prodej podlahových krytin

Flooring, staircases and laying the renovation. We sell carpets, linoleum, PVC coverings, wood mosaics, parquet, wooden and laminate flooring, fire doors and a certificate. Sanders rented parquet floors for a complete renovation.

Slovenská 2135, Sokolov

P-H okna, s.r.o.

Offer plastic, aluminum, wooden windows and doors from VEKA profile and forging MAKO. Assembly, disassembly windows and doors, including the liquidation of a bricklayer neaten. We also offer blinds, shutters, window sills, insect nets, conservatories and garage doors.

Boženy Němcové 2041, Sokolov

Hana Hubertová, stavební materiál

Offer construction material. Water fittings.

Nejdecká 329, Chodov

Nova - Impex, s.r.o.

Supply and distribution of building materials, industrial gases, propane and garden equipment.

Bergmannova 97, Dolní Rychnov

Jitka Vozárová- prodej stavebního materiálu

Offer building materials and tools.

Bergmannova 133, Dolní Rychnov

Jindřich Nehyba - CEMENT

Offer building materials and motor transport.

Husova 1111, Chodov

Jiří Pech ,stavební materiál

Offer building and warming materials and plasterboard.

Horní , Chodov(naproti čerpací stanici)

Josef Furiak - F - HERMET

Supply, installation and servicing garage doors, automatic gates and doors companies CLASS. Full service in the interior. Make laying floating floors, ceiling tile installation, shutters and blinds.

Lesní 979, Chodov

Pavel Doležel- prodej žaluzií a doplňků

Installation of horizontal and vertical internal blinds, folding doors and door padding. Installing and insect screens, blinds, seal the windows and doors, curtain rods and pelmets. Blinds to assemble plastic and wooden windows.

Školní 735, Chodov

Jaromír Kuttner- prodej stavebního materiálu

Offer construction material.

Dlouhá 622/4, Horní Slavkov

Zuzana Urbánková- prodej žaluzií a doplňků

Offer blinds and accessories for windows and doors.

náměstí Sv. Trojice 314, Krásno

Nehybacement, s.r.o.

The possibility of sale and transport of cement and bulk material in the silo tanks, retail sales of building materials, operation of road freight transport.


QARTO REÁL, spol. s r.o.

Comprehensive range of plastic doors and windows, handled exclusively from certified THYSSEN profiles, including all accessories.

U Porcelánky 498, Chodov

Jaroslav Andrusiv- prodej plastových oken

Offer plastic windows.

Tovární 722, Chodov

Karel Malý-prodej plastových oken

Offer sales and installation of plastic windows and doors, shutters and blinds.

Karlovarská 37, Chodov

Václav Urban- prodej fasádních materiálů

Offer roofing and facade materials.

náměstí 9. května 756, Chodov

Tomáš Kronika- prodej plastových oken

Possibility to design, supply and installation of plastic windows and doors. Offer construction services.

Revoluční 613, Chodov

Q Stavebniny, s.r.o.

Offer building materials and supplies for builders and construction companies. Delivery of the purchased material.

Dobrovského 535, Dolní Rychnov

Hammer Holding, s.r.o.

Offer cement.

Třešňová 824, Habartov

Miroslav Vlček VA Servis

Offer plastic windows and doors and installation of garage doors, shutters and mosquito nets.

Maxima Gorkého 13/13, Kynšperk nad Ohří

Pavel Uhýrek- prodej oken a dveří

Plastic and aluminum windows and doors, window sills and blinds. Perform renovations of bathrooms, including water, waste and electrical.

Svatopluka Čecha 432/1, Kynšperk nad Ohří


Offer and assembly of plastic, wooden windows and doors. Reconstruction of houses, flats, residential cores and bathrooms. Joiner work - manufacturing of custom furniture and kitchen cupboards. Complete implementation of orders. Cleaning services.

Lipová 2038, Sokolov

Václav Maršíček - firma Maršál

The offer of sale, supply and assembly of plastic and aluminum windows and doors. Construction of conservatories.

Tovární 950, Sokolov

Martin Vondrášek- prodej plovoucích podlah

Sales and installation of floors, windows and doors. At the customer's kitchen to produce peace. Construction Services.

Marie Majerové 1620, Sokolov

ALUOKNA, s.r.o.

The offer of sale, supply and installation of plastic windows, shutters, doors, gates, fences, awnings and facade systems.

5. května , Sokolov

Petr Vacátko- prodej oken a dveří

Offer sales and installation of windows and doors and facade insulation.

Okružní 210, Březová

Petr Jelínek- prodej vrat a bran

Offer sales, installation and service of garage and industrial doors, gateways, plastic windows and shading techniques.

Školní 2066, Sokolov

Jiří Hrdlička- prodej oken a dveří

Supply and installation of plastic, wood and aluminum windows, doors, window sills, blinds, shutters, advice and service in the field of building panels.

Boženy Němcové 2041, Sokolov

Dušan Šafář- prodej oken a dveří

Supply and assembly plastic and aluminum windows and doors, including roller blinds, external or internal parapets and canopies.

U Divadla 1091, Sokolov

Richard Důnovský - obklady a dlažby

Our assortment tub, toilet, bathroom accessories, sink, battery, mosaics, adhesives, grouting, silicone, mounting foams and paints. A wide selection of ceiling. Transport option.

Marie Majerové 2088, Sokolov

Aleš Hoch- prodej oken a dveří

Sales and installation of plastic and aluminum windows and doors. We offer window sills, shutters, blinds, conservatories, garage doors and glass facades. We provide comprehensive services including counseling. Implementation focus obligation, free.

U Divadla 144, Sokolov

Pavla Musilová- prodej dlažeb a obkladů

Tiles, sanitary ware of all sorts, complete bathrooms. Sell baths, showers and enclosures, toilets, sinks, batteries and accessories. Furthermore, in our buy grouting, adhesives, moldings and various other accessories for bathrooms.

Ondříčkova 519, Sokolov


Offer sales and installation of plastic, wooden windows and doors. We perform the reconstruction of houses, flats, residential cores and bathrooms. Joiner work - manufacturing of custom furniture and kitchen cupboards. We provide complete implementation of orders. Cleaning services.

Lipová 2038, Sokolov

PN Keraplastic, s.r.o.

Offer bathrooms.

Hornická 864/14, Kynšperk nad Ohří

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