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Autoskla ATO

Želivského 269, Sokolov

AUTOPŮJČOVNA (Branch Horní Slavkov)

Spojovací 945, Horní Slavkov


Spojovací 945, Horní Slavkov

Pavel Jeslínek, autoškola

Driving school, groups A and B.

Pod Nádražím 846/2, Kraslice


We offer service all brands of cars. import cars from zárukou.Nabízíme the Carlsbad region specialized service vehicles at unbeatable prices with diagnosis ..... tire and auto service auto-Habartov

Pohraniční stráže, svatava

Auto Makar, s.r.o.

Sale, purchase, import, and financing of new and used construction machinery, trucks and commercial vehicles, trailers, semitrailers and specials. Car building, metallurgical and machinery vibration Bomag, CAT. Demolition, recycling and excess transportation.

Stará Ovčárna 2146, Sokolov

Auto 3000, s.r.o.

Offer towing, rescue and road passenger services, and commercial trucks in Europe. Legal assistance to victims, rental replacement vehicles, passenger transportation, accommodation, car repairs.

5. května 714, Sokolov

Patrik Beránek, autobazar

Second Hand Skoda - buyout offer in cash and used cars Škoda.Prodej lease and loan. Arrange and carry liability leaseback - purchases.

Citická , P.O.Box 51, Sokolov

Autoškola VMD group

Driving School provides training sk. AM, A1, A, B, B, C, CE. Training for foreign German, Russian and English. Driver training, driving condition, good teachers, all with no increase in payments. We have a training program for driving schools on your PC, new cars and motorcycles.

U Porcelánky 266, Chodov


Ecological destruction of passenger cars and trucks wrecked cars, tractors, trailers, trailers, buses and tanks. Operation of car cemetery, sell used spare parts for cars and trucks.

Kraslická 77, Lomnice

Auto Moto Příplata, s.r.o.

Spare parts and accessories for cars and commercial vehicles. Companies represented Autocora, APM Automotive, Gene, Cempol. We are an authorized regional reseller and service of motorcycles YUKI.

Pionýrů 1293, Sokolov

Auto Brožovský, s.r.o.

Sales and service of Toyota, Lexus, Fiat, Subaru. Hatchback checked used cars of all brands. We run a trucking including mobile cranes. The EU offer Car - individual imports of selected vehicles. We provide rental service of Alfa Romeo.

Stará ovčárna , Sokolov


Skoda cars sale offers the type of Octavia, Fabia, Superb and Roomster. Bazaar and advertising for used cars on our website. Tuning RS, spare parts and accessories. Tyres, servicing, MOT, insurance, leasing and insurance. We have new cars and nehavarované.

Karlovarská 140, Chodov

L&B auto universal, s.r.o.

Repair work, geometry, diagnostics, chip tuning, installation of LPG. We run a LPG filling station.

Dr. Kocourka 2100, Sokolov

Karel Schmied, autoškola

Possibility of teaching and training of applicants for driving license category B condition drives and offer training for drivers of vehicles referentských.

Křižíkova 1479, Sokolov

Jiří Sklenář, autoservis

The company provides repair and maintenance of motor vehicles.

Mánesova 1673, Sokolov

Millerengineering, s.r.o.

Car and accessories.

Stará ovčárna 46, Sokolov

Tylinger, s.r.o.

Service MOT and emissions measurements.

Citická 2069, Sokolov

Petr Jezbera- Montáže alarmů a centrálního zamykání

Supply and installation of mechanical and electronic security, car, central locking and car stereos. Cleaning vehicle interior.

Karla Havlíčka Borovského 575, Sokolov

Tekoso - STK, spol. s r.o.

MOT services.

Stará ovčárna 20, Sokolov

Pavel Marek - autoškola

Courses for driving.

Nádražní 189, Sokolov

Autoškola 3s

Rokycanova 258, Sokolov

Radek Kopko, autobazar

Operation bazaar.

Chebská 53, Sokolov

Milan Kollár, autoškola

Driving Schools implementing výycik groups A, B, C, M, driver training and testing for professional certification.

Rolnická 1, Sokolov

Jiří Machalík, autoservis

Repair option and import cars and motorcycles. Implementation service, plumbing and paint work. Exchange cartridge and installation accessories.

Marie Majerové 1748, Sokolov

KNESTA, s.r.o.

Operation of the garage.

Dolní Nivy

Stanislav Marek- autoservis

Possibility of repair of motor vehicles.

Libavské Údolí

Václav Bradáč, B.V.

I offer repair of motor vehicles.

Školní 600/18, Kynšperk nad Ohří

Tomáš Lhotskýprodej motocyklů a skútrů

Supply and service of motorcycles.

Pobřežní 788/3, Kynšperk nad Ohří

HZ car Autobazar

Second Hand - We provide consignment sale, lease, loan and insurance. Car trailer 750 kg and 2500 kg for an individual import vehicles to order. Has offices DAS legal protection.

Vítězná 2054, Sokolov


Bazaar specializes in used cars for Skoda (Fabia, Octavia, Superb, Felicia). We offer purchase and sale and trade-ins. There is also the possibility of a finance lease or loan. Sale of car accessories.

Slovenská 2075, Sokolov

Auto - Esta, s.r.o.

Rychloservis and service centers offer repairs and replacement of mufflers and catalytic converters. Repairs, servicing and installation of shock absorbers, brakes, towbars and oil change.

Tisová 3, Březová


Purchase and sale of spare parts of cars. Ecological disposal of car wrecks. Autoodtah, immobile and removal of your vehicle from his residence. Specializing in Ford brand.

Rolnická 656, Sokolov

Daniel Pekuniak- Čištění vozidel

I offer cleaning automobile interiors dry way. Tepování seats, removing stains, double-sided cleaning, upholstery cleaning, vacuuming.

Rolnická 656, Sokolov

Jan Beľuš, autoškola

We offer lessons and training for obtaining a driving license A, B, B + E.

U Divadla 543, Sokolov

GS Sokotrans, s.r.o.

Operation of the cleaning tank truck, including the implementation of preventive inspections, pressure testing, repairs and renovations.

Tovární 2093, Sokolov

Jiří Marek - autoškola Ilma

Offer training for candidates for a license in categories A, B and C. Driver Training.

U Divadla 543, Sokolov

JM - CAR - PARTS, s.r.o.

Offer spare parts, tuning accessories and lubricants.

Zámecká 249, Staré Sedlo

Josef Stejskal, autoservis

Operation of the garage.

Chebská , Sokolov


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